Guidelines for all contestants

  • Submit (1) an application, with (2) an application fee or credit card approval (on application form), to participate in the Con Brio Music Competition.

  • The application fee for the Competition & Evaluation is $60.

  • The application fee for Evaluations Only is $40.

  • A application is required for each category entered.

  • Late fee of $20 will be assessed if application is received or postmarked after July 20 2019.

  • If for some reason the contestant needs to withdraw from the competition, a refund can only be issued for notice before July 20th, minus a $5 processing/convenience fee. Typically at this point Con Brio has already ordered trophies, rented a building and hired judges based on fees collected.

  • Contestants are not allowed to change song selections without expressed permission from the Con Brio staff. Changes made the day of the competition may lead to disqualification.

  • The name of the piece to be performed must be submitted with the application.

  • No one is to consult/visit with the judges without the judges permission.

  • Contestants, teachers of, and family of contestants must not allowed to approach the judges, as the evaluation portion of the event will be given or mailed in a written format.

  • Contestants will not be able to request a performance time, all performance times will be assigned. Please keep August 2-3 as open as possible during the estimated competition times.

  • You will forfeit your opportunity to compete if you are more than 10 minutes late to your assigned time.

  • Finalists are announced online, and also at the end of each category during the competition. Additionally, the website ( winners from each category will be listed along with the 1st and 2nd place finalists, whom will be invited to perform at the Con Brio Awards Recital. The recital will take place on August 3 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

  • Any and all awards will be given out at the end of the Con Brio Awards Recital on August 3. Failure to attend / perform at the recital will result in disqualification, and no award will be given.

  • Performance with a backing tracks are not allowed.

  • Contestants are expected to provide an accompanist. It is not the responsibility of the Con Brio staff to arrange an accompanist. However; Utah Conservatory can assist in securing an accompanist for a fee. They can be reached at / 435-649-6292

Additional Guidelines for Vocal Contestants

  • Contestants will submit 2 song selections with the application. The first will be a Classical Style selection. The second will be a Musical Theatre selection.

  • The 2 combined songs must not be longer than 8 minutes. Second song selection may be interrupted / stopped at the 8 minute mark. Cuts are acceptable.

  • Any and all lyrics must be family friendly, please refrain from submitting songs the contain offensive language or subject matter.

Additional Guidelines for Composition Categories

  • Only Evaluations are offered for the Composition Category.